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I’ve had the idea of calling sitting in the back of my head for months now, though there is nothing formed enough to write out properly. Since I have been negligent in posting here, I thought I’d leave at least this thought for reflection and comment.

If we follow Kierkegaard’s description of the self resting before G-d in his Sickness Unto Death, would one’s vocation would merely be the practical outcome of what one needed to do to remain in rest before G-d–and not in despair? This would make the concept of vocation just as relational and dialectic as his concept of the ‘self.’ It would also make it holistically related to an individual’s life, as well as place it in relation to G-d and others. It would not be merely a singular activity or job, but a way of being describing from the perspective of action.

Perhaps this is a promising way of viewing it?