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Today is the feast day of CS Lewis (in The Episcopal Church). Well known for his children’s novels and apologetic works, he was also a prolific writer on various theological and literary issues. His literary criticism is quite interesting and useful, as well.

I recently re-read his collection The World’s Last Night, and it struck me that in an essay entitled “Good Works and Good Work” that Lewis already was criticizing the western system’s basis in economic growth and its result of creating jobs and products merely for the purpose of employing people; he describes it like a meaning-sucking Ponzi scheme. In light of the recent crash and many economists’ pessimism about the future (and many plans to put us back where we were before the collapse), his comments seem quite apropos. It also reminds me how often Lewis is not a close ideological ally of many who think he is.

Perhaps to mark the day, you can look up a lesser-known essay of his and see what interesting and forgotten insights might await.