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Today is the one year Anniversary of Fencing With Kierkegaard. There has been less fencing and less Kierkegaard than I had intended, but they haven’t gone away.

In the meantime, a quick note on the recent news.

I’m not a Roman Catholic, nor am I a fan of either the institution of the Papacy or the current incumbent Pope Benedict. However, his recent act of resigning the Papacy deeply impresses me. As far as actions can, it is a sign of true humility and character.
IT is a truism to say that power corrupts. It is obviously true to note that the Pope has a rather large amount of power, and he also has nothing to force him to relinquish that power. Unlike a President or Prime Minister who has legal obligations to step down out of power peacefully, most Popes die in office. Indeed the last pope to do so was several centuries ago. The ability to assess one’s fitness for a job of such power and to voluntarily step down is a sign of someone truly serving rather than someone desirous of power. It is a very powerful symbol of what the Papacy is supposed to stand for: self-sacrificing service in the model of Jesus. It is also a rather fitting prelude to Lent (which starts this week).

May his successor live up to such a model.