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The change of the secular calendar is a traditional time for taking stock of the previous year and planning for the one coming. This is a good year for me to follow the herd and do the same.

2014 was a year of major change for me. I got a new job and moved countries again, once again needing to try to find a social network from scratch. The person I spent my past ten years with and whom thought I’d spend my life with decided to leave me. Several relatives also had major changes, with a few deaths. Overall, little in my life remains the same now at 2015 as it was in 2013.

So, I think 2015 needs to be a year of serious contemplation, and perhaps of some important learning, and important decisions.

I need to learn to be single again. This apparently means learning to live with myself. And learning to like myself, or change whatever it is I dislike. Who knows. I certainly am currently falling into Kierkegaard’s category of despair wishing one were not oneself, and that is unhealthy.

I need to rediscover my passions. In the past decade or so I think I’ve let them slip by. It is time to do something about that before it is too late.

I need to learn how to deal with the non-rational aspect of emotions.

I need to make a better effort to get along with my parents. And to stay in contact with old friends despite the long distances.

I think I need to find a new way to volunteer again. I haven’t been able to help anyone since Dublin, more than two years ago now, and that makes me a poorer person.

May 2015 bring these, and perhaps other, changes for the better.