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Rational people need to deny the Trumpanistas usage of the “good economy” card. The Dems are largely conceding that the economy is “good” at the moment. But, just as the so-called “recovery” after 2008 was merely driven by the rich, investing class recovering, the same is true now. Average wages and actual spending power, overall student debt, and inability to afford health care are the actual economics for most of the population. That is not a “good” economy. That is is a robber baron economy.

American voters are often swayed by what they think is good for their own wallet. If opposition candidates have any hope of winning in 2020, they must forcefully challenge the misleading narrative on the economy that most economists are spreading. Remember that “growth” is not a value in itself. In economics, “growth” is merely code for the investor class’s ability to gain more money–i.e., the 1%. This is not a meaningful criterion for economic valuation on a national or international level, much less for policy or voting.

Democratic, Green, Libertarian candidates: let’s hear you more vocally challenge the idea that the current economy is “good.”