Author’s Links

My professional academic work can be referenced on the academia site:

Helsinki University

My filmmaking site is accessible here:

Lopsided Island Productions

Some of my academic publications are available for purchase at these pages:

Political Memory in and after the Persian Empire (edited volume, with Caroline Waerzeggers)

A Land Like Your Own (edited volume)

Text, Theology, and Trowel (co-edited volume)

Persepolis and Jerusalem (monograph)

This book has received several reviews, by Amanda M. Davis Bledsoe in Reviews in Religion and Theology 20.4 (2013); by Bob Becking in RBL 10/2013, by Bennie H. Reynolds III, JHS 2014,  by Timothy Michael Law on his blog, and by Robert Foster on the Enoch Seminar page.

Opening Heaven’s Floodgates (edited volume)

A summary article of the last above monograph is available here:

Iranian Influence  

Other opinions:

Jacob and Esau 

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